Sons from RED U-2 will sell in the 2014 Northern Alliance Bull Sale. Daughters are for sale by private treaty off the farm.

DOB: Febraury 10, 2010

Tattoo: DUA 387X

Registration Number: 1548533


                        RED FLYING K DYNAMO 22F 846644
            RED FLYING K DYNAMO 67K 1007354
                        RED FLYING K BARONNESS 72G 881799
Sire: RED U-2 DYNAMO 7021T 1373861
                        RED LCC MAJOR LEAGUE A502M 1182273 OSF MAF
            RED U-2 ANEXA 549R 1283547
                        RED U-2 ANEXA 368N 1152658

Animal: RED U-2 X-FACTOR 387X 1548533

                        RED SOUTH VIEW NO EQUAL 28H 917962
            RED SVR MULTIPLIER 26M 1109916
                        RED SOUTH VIEW LADY RAB 10G 885707
Dam: U-2 GIRL 4024P 1218869 (RC)
                        PAX JUMANGI 21'99 988146
            MWC RUBY 147L 1078686
                        GEIS RUBY 124'95 834613


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